Things You Should Know About Oxygen Absorber For Food Packaging

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Oxygen absorber are used for removing of oxygen from packaged food and ensure the food is sealed in a nitrogen rich environment to extend the shelf life of the food and material packaged. Doing this keeps the products safe and fresh for consumption after a long period of time.

Most oxygen absorbers are usually sealed in a container with the dry foods in order to absorb the oxygen content which causes mold, spoilage and also prevent aerobic pathogens from the organisms causing spoilage.


oxygen absorbers 


Benefits of using oxygen absorber

1. The greatest advantage of using oxygen absorber is not to improve the quality of the food but it goes deeper than that because using oxygen absorber helps the packaging company reduce the need for BHA, BHT, sulphur dioxides, sorbates, benzoate and other additives.

Antimicrobial additives which includes nitrates, benzoates, and sulphur dioxide resist the growth of mold, yeast and bacteria while other antioxidants such as butylated hydroxyanisole, (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and propyl gallate resist the damage of fats and oils and keeps food for long period of time.

All the additives listed above serve the purpose of use but most of them cause threat to health. These man-made preservatives cause health risk and also have life threatening side-effects which could lead to neurological disorders, cancer, asthma, hypertension, hyperactivity and lots more.

That’s why the use of an oxygen absorber is of great importance so you could prevent using preservatives that cause threat to human health.


How does oxygen absorber work?

Before an oxygen absorber could function a chemical reaction needs to occur, the oxygen absorber contains iron particles that will oxidise when they react with the oxygen in the air and it rust.

Once the reaction is complete, the oxygen absorbers increase their tendency to absorb more oxygen since they’re saturated.

So, therefore when there’s a contact between the iron and the oxygen , the chemical reactions restarts until all the oxygen is removed from the container.


What are oxygen absorber made of?

They are made in form of a small packet that’s containing an iron powder, the packets are manufactured from a material that allow air to permeate in such a way that oxygen can enter through the packets but the iron inside the packets can’t leak out.

This allows food packaging companies to place the packet inside the products without contaminating the products because it’s safe and robust.


oxygen absorber


How to use oxygen absorber properly?

Ensure that the oxygen absorber is well sealed before you place it inside in the food packed and also ensure you seal the food pack or products immediately the container is filled because if the amount of oxygen content is much and the iron powder will be supersaturated causing food spoilage within short period of time.


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