The Working Principle, Advantages And Application Of Silica Gel Desiccant

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As a highly active adsorption material, silica gel desiccant plays a very important role, and has been used in different places. Today we will discuss the working principle, advantages and application of silica gel desiccant.

silica gel desiccant


How does Silica gel work?

Silica Gel is a porous, irregular and amorphous form of silicon dioxide. Because of its irregular shape of molecules, sprouted voids may contain water, gas or other liquids. This structural property makes it a brilliant absorbent of moisture.

Silica gel packets are packed with small beads of silicon dioxide in solid form. Technically, it is called silica xerogel but most commonly people know recognize it by the name of silica gel. Silica gel pouches help keep moisture away from any product or a particular environment. Many consumer brands use these desiccant silica gel pouches in their product packaging to keep it dry and fresh.


Advantages of silica gel desiccant

physical adsorption, mild reaction, reliable and safe;

non-toxic, harmless, no odor, no harm to human health;

chemically stable, with strong mechanical strength;

uniform particles, dry surface, use There is no obvious change in the appearance before and after;

It can be reused, and it can be regenerated by drying it after absorbing moisture;

The hygroscopic state can be visually displayed by adding color-changing silica gel


In this present time where the environment leaders are putting pressure on RECYCLING & REUSING, reuse of Silica Gel packets might be a perfect example to set this ideology. These pouches are ideal for reusing at home, at offices and other places to keep an area moisture-free.


The application of silica gel desiccant

Silica gel desiccant can be used for various industries, such as medicines, machinery, optics and electronics, precision instruments, processed food, tea, various chemical fiber textiles, leather shoes, sports shoes, cultural relics, cameras, arts and crafts, etc. The specific description is as follows.

1. Silica gel desiccant can be used for moisture-proof bottled medicine and food. Keep the contents dry and prevent the growth of various miscellaneous molds.

2. Silica gel desiccant can be used as general packaging desiccant. Such as luggage, clothing, shoes and hats, leather, etc., to prevent the goods from being affected by moisture during storage or transportation.

3. Silica gel desiccant can be easily placed in electronic products, instrumentation, household appliances, mechanical equipment and other products to prevent the goods from being affected by moisture and affecting product quality.

4. The silica gel desiccant can be placed in the shipping container to prevent the occurrence of container rain.

5. The most suitable hygroscopic environment for silica gel desiccant is room temperature (20~32℃) and high temperature (60~90℃), which can reduce the relative humidity of the environment to about 40%, so the application range of desiccant is very wide.

 silica gel desiccant

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Silica gel desiccant is cheap and the raw material can be in direct contact with food. It is a relatively safe and environmentally friendly desiccant among the types of desiccants. Therefore, everyone is more willing to choose this type of desiccant. 

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